How to help

In a nutshell: If you have a file that your ward uses to keep track of what hymns you sing, please send it to me.

Collecting data

In order for this project to be successful, I'm going to need lots of data (around 50,000 data entries) and in order to get that, I'm completely at the mercy of random strangers like you.

All of the data I want is already out there. Members in charge of writing and printing the ward programs may have several months' worth (or more) saved on their computer. Bishopric members or ward music chairs may also have this information saved as a spreadsheet. What I am doing is trying to get in contact with those people and get them to send me those spreadsheets.

Email and a quick form

You can send me your spreadsheet at

Spread the word!

In order to get that much data, I'm going to need help spreading the word. People can tell their family and friends in other parts of the state or country. If you know a ward or stake music chairman, the person that prints the program, or a bishopric member, please help me spread the word and see if they would be willing to enter this data in.

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